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Wadell, Paul J.
Wadell, C.P., Paul J.
Wallace, C.Ss.R., James A.
Walter, Anne K.
Walter, James J.
Walters, Carol A.
Ward, Kate, Boston College (United States)
Ward, Kate, Marquette University (United States)
Waznak, S.S., Robert P.
Weakland, O.S.B., Rembert G.
Weaver, Andrew J.
Wedig, O.P., Mark E.
Weldon, Michael
Westenberg, Leonie, Associate Lecturer, University of Notre Dame, Australia (Australia)
Wheeler, Robert H., Catholic Theological Union (United States)
Wheeler, Robert H.
Wheeler, Robert
White, C. Vanessa
White, C. Vanessa, Catholic Theological Union (United States)
White, Robert
Whitehead, Evelyn Eaton
Whitehead, James D.
Wilhelm, Deborah L., Loyola New Orleans (United States)
Wilson, John
Wimmer, O.S.A., Joseph F.
Windholz, Anne M., CNS Home Health and Hospice, Cadence Health Systems (United States)
Wiseman, James A.