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New Theology Review is a Catholic journal of theology and ministry published by Catholic Theological Union through the Paul Bechtold Library.  Its mission is to serve the Church by providing, through the publication of articles, a forum for theologians and pastoral ministers to engage the Catholic tradition in respectful, constructive, and critical dialogue.

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Freedom in the Spirit
by Shahar Caren Weaver (acrylic and collage, 24" x 48")

Vol 26, No 2 (2014)

Table of Contents


About the Journal PDF EPUB
Editorial Introduction PDF EPUB

Climate, Creation, Common Good

Becoming Refugias: Climate Change and a Change of Heart PDF EPUB
Joan Brown 1-12
Land Ethic Through a Retrospective Lens: Focusing and Refocusing Moral Community PDF EPUB
Joseph E. Bush 13-22
Catholic Social Teaching and Climate Justice from a Peace Studies Perspective: Current Practice, Tensions, and Promise PDF EPUB
Christopher Hrynkow, Dennis Patrick O'Hara 23-32
Come with Me into the Fields: Inspiring Creation Ministry among Faith Communities PDF EPUB
Erin Lothes Biviano 33-42
The Role of Christian Ethics, Religious Leaders, and People of Faith at a Time of Ecological and Climate Crisis PDF EPUB
James S. Mastaler 43-48
How to Save a Climate? Just Die! PDF EPUB
Dawn M. Nothwehr, O.S.F 49-60


Intercultural Competency and the Sunday Homily: In the Footsteps of Pope Francis PDF EPUB
Allan Figueroa Deck, S.J. 61-69
Whatever Happened to the "People of God"? Thoughts on the Reception of Vatican II PDF EPUB
John E. Thiel 70-79
Creative Communication: Digital Creativity and Theology in Dialogue PDF EPUB
Daniella Zsupan-Jerome 80-87


Catechesis and Faith Formation: Lost and Found: Catechesis on the Care of Creation PDF EPUB
Craig Gould, Jeffrey Kaster 88-95
New Voices: Gendered Resurrection of the Body PDF EPUB
Bernadette K. Raspante, Stephanie M. Cherpak 96-99
Signs of the Times: Theology and Climate Change PDF EPUB
Christiana Z. Peppard 100-102
Theology at the Cutting Edge: The Book of Haggai and the Rebuilding of the Temple in the Early Persian Period PDF EPUB
John Robert Barker, O.F.M. 103-106
Word and Worship: A Sacramental Church in a Post-Modern World PDF EPUB
Kevin W. Irwin 107-109


The Cursillo Movement in America: Catholics, Protestants, and Fourth-Day Spirituality PDF EPUB
Rebecca Berru-Davis 110-111
Religion, Gender, and Sexuality in Everyday Life PDF EPUB
Linh Hoang 112-113
Bridge to Wonder:Art as a Gospel of Beauty PDF EPUB
Néstor Medina 114-115

Complete Issue

Vol. 26, no. 2 (March 2014) PDF EPUB