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New Theology Review is a Catholic journal of theology and ministry published by Catholic Theological Union through the Paul Bechtold Library.  Its mission is to serve the Church by providing, through the publication of articles, a forum for theologians and pastoral ministers to engage the Catholic tradition in respectful, constructive, and critical dialogue.

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Vol 27, No 1 (2014)

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About the Journal PDF EPUB
Editorial PDF EPUB


Vast Universe and Extraterrestrials: Threat or Mystery for the Christian Faith? PDF EPUB
Thomas F. O'Meara, O.P. 1-7
Conflicts in the Church: Some Mythological Reflections: The Louis J. Luzbetak, SVD, Lecture on Mission and Culture PDF EPUB
Gerald A. Arbuckle 8-16
Erecting Death Shrines/Memorials: Unified Sympathetic Fatih Responses Gunning for Empathy and Compassion in the Second Amendment Debates PDF EPUB
Shawnee Marie Daniels-Sykes 17-24
Underhill's Practical Mysticism: One Hundred Years Later PDF EPUB
Colleen M. Griffith 25-32
Lost and Found: Immigrant Conversion Stories, the New Evangelization, and Parish Life PDF EPUB
Brett C. Hoover 33-39
The Church as a Conspiracy of Unity PDF EPUB
Ramon Luzarraga 40-46
Religious Life in the United States: A Vocation of Border Crossing PDF EPUB
Jung Eun Sophia Park 47-53
Memory, Identity, and Community: A Creatively Faithful Approach to the Formation of a Theology of Interment PDF EPUB
John J. Slovikovski 54-64


Catechetics and Faith Formation: The Desert Comes to the City PDF EPUB
Debbie Armenta 65-67
New Voices: Facing Death with a Life in the Balance: Challenges and Hope for an Abolishment of the Death Penalty PDF EPUB
Alison McCrary 68-70
Signs of the Times: “Always Be Ready to Give ... a Reason for Your Hope ...” – 1 Peter 3: 15b PDF EPUB
Dawn M. Nothwehr, O.S.F. 71-75
Theology at the Cutting Edge: Gifted Co-Educators: Voices from Short-Term Service Immersion Community Partners PDF EPUB
Joyana Jacoby Dvorak 76-78
Word and Worship: Artists' Archives: Saving the Heritage of Vatican II PDF EPUB
Melody Layton McMahon 79-81


Idol & Grace PDF EPUB
Michael Anthony Abril 82-83
Colonialism, Han, and the Transformative Spirit PDF EPUB
Kevin Considine 84-85
Faith in the Public Square PDF EPUB
Jason Andrew Heron 86-87
Being Faithful: Christian Commitment in Modern Society PDF EPUB
Christopher P. Vogt 88-89

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Complete Issue PDF EPUB